The Saddest Smile in the World

The protagonist, Gaku Serizawa, is a pachinko addict who goes to a pachinko parlor every day. One day, he happens to stop by a park on his way home from pachinko and meets a mysterious girl who wants sweets. His world starts to change little by little as he comes to know her.

Circle:  ​→Quantize_

Translator:  Alexeir

Published at:  September 16, 2023

Reading time:  4 hours


Download the game! (At the bottom of the screen, the 'Windows' button.)

Download the patch!

Extract the contents of the PATCH folder inside the main folder of the game.


There are some known visual bugs at the beginning, as well as some limitations with some system messages that I couldn't translate.



  • Translation:  Alexeir
  • UI/Images:  Alexeir
  • Proofreading:  Alexeir/ RainbowCatcherBM
  • Tech Stuff:  Alexeir / Kimichi Tea