Summer vacation... Yuuta met a girl at a shrine. The girl had no name and was afraid of people. Yuuta gave her a name, Lily, and tried to help her following his Grandma's advice. Lily's heart opened and the time they spent together turned into something precious.

Circle:  D10RAMA

Translator:  Alexeir

Published at:  August 25, 2023

Reading time:  1 hours


Download the game! (If you like the game we recommend to support, buying the donation version. If you can't you can donwload the free version as well!)

Download the patch!

Extract the patch inside the /main folder, and replace all files when prompted! This one is a Ren'Py novel so it's a little different.

V1.1 (Feb 09 2023) Additional editing for the scripts.



  • TL:  Alexeir
  • UI:  Alexeir
  • Proofreading:  Alexeir / Kimichi Tea
  • Tech Stuff:  Alexeir / D10RAMA
  • Editing (V1.1):  V1n