Nagi No Koi

Chapter of the Water Lily

A man lost his memory.

Completely lost, without even been able to remember his name, is saved by a girl named Suirin.

For Suirin's sake, he turns his existence around.

Across the sea, where the nagidori calls.

Kai's memories lie dormant in the sea.

Chapter of the Red Spider Lily

Masahide's dream was to become the Lord that would rule this land.

But his dream, along with his ego, was crushed, leaving him without any pride.

However, a girl named Sahana scolded him for living his life as a mere cog of the goverment.

He enters into a loveless political marriage with Sahana, but that relationship slowly changes them both.

Gradually, transforming into a passionate relationship, Masahide soon decides to pursue a dream that he once resigned from.

Circle:  Nutrients

Translator:  Alexeir

Published at:  March 23, 2024

Reading time:  7 hours


Download the game! (Press the button on the middle of the screen!)

Download the patch!

Place the patch in the same folder as the .exe

Open the game for the first time.

IMPORTANT: After the japanese message appears on the screen wait 10 to 20 seconds before clicking it. The patch takes a while to package back. If you close the game too quickly the game might not work. (If that happens redownload the game and wait!!)




  • Translator:  Alexeir
  • Images / UI:  Alexeir & RainbowCatcherBM
  • QA & Proofread:  RainbowCatcherBM
  • Tech Stuff:  Alexeir