Sun In The Shade

Hiroyuki Nasukawa, a high school student whose father is a piano tuner, wants to become a respectable adult, but his anxiety about the future keeps him from being a good student at school. Eventually, he cheats on a test, gets caught and the punishment is, to his surprise, a request to repair the school's piano.

Circle:  Shatou Sombrero

Translator:  Alexeir

Published at:  May 24, 2023

Reading time:  2 hours


Download the game! The pc button on the bottom of the screen, and then click the button on the middle of the screen. (If you like the game we recommend to support, buying the donation version. If you can't you can donwload the free version as well!)

Download the patch!

Extract the patch on the resource folder! and replace the files when promted.

V1.02 Some additional editing and fixing some typos.



  • TL:  Alexeir
  • Edit:  Alexeir
  • Proofreading:  NekuSebas, Alexeir
  • Tech stuff:  Alexeir