Under The Same Roof

The Kirisaka family has three siblings: the caring oldest (Sora), her twin brother with a bad mouth (Rihito), and the youngest sibling who has to deal with the conflict between the two (Manami). While sometimes noisy, they lived a peaceful life.

But one day in May, a letter came from their mother…

Circle:  D10RAMA

Translator:  Alexeir

Published at:  August 6, 2023

Reading time:  2 hours


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Download the patch!

Extract the patch inside the /resource folder, and replace all files when prompted!

V1.1 (Jan 14 2023) Additional editing for the scripts.



  • TL:  Alexeir
  • UI:  D10RAMA
  • Proofreading:  Alexeir
  • Tech stuff:  Alexeir / D10RAMA
  • Editing (v1.1):  V1n