May 23, 2023

This first post is nothing more that my own reasons to create this site and the translation group as a whole.

I was studying Japanese, as everyone else that gets here, something about their culture fascinated us, whether it was the food, the people, their technology or in my case and maybe yours… The entertainment.

When I was younger, I really liked anime and manga, and then I jumped into visual novels! I resonated with a couple of them, and, it might sound obnoxious, but some of them changed my perspective of life, hell, maybe even saved it.

And! that only happened because I could read these stories, fan translations were one of the only ways to get this content, and these people would do them for their love to the product, or the community.

I stared studying in 2018, got some knowledge under my belt, and… left. Life happens, sometimes. But, while the pandemic was bad, it allow me to have more time, So in June of 2020 I started again! and last December I got certified N2. but even before that I was reading visual novels, VERY SLOWLY and opening Jisho every 2 minutes, sometimes even for the same word multiple times! It was frustrating, and I thought that maybe wouldn't be able to read them properly ever…

But I kept going, and NOW I… still use Jisho or other dictionaries(much less than before)… and that's fine! at the end Japanese is a VERY complex language, but it's fun. Learning, understanding, maybe even realizing that a HUGE thing is happening in front of you and you didn't get it…

And that's how we got here, I want to help people, and sometimes the help they need is… entertainment, something that makes them think… and lets them figure out themselves.

I'm starting solo, with some help of some friends from other groups here and there, but hopefully I can find people that resonate with this goal, and we can translate BIG things!

And if I don't, it's fine, I LOVE DOING THIS! And will keep doing it until I don't.

Probably the one big thing is the Spanish translations, well, I was born with it, and someone said somewhere that translators need to be ambitious! I will state here that not everything will be in spanish, some products might be too big and the reasonable thing would be to focus on the English version. But I'll try to be clear about it before starting a new project.

I have a full time job, and I'm doind this on my free time so, as much as I would love to do this every day, reality is we won't be able to… But! I can tell you that we will work, even if is just a little bit, every week.

One last thing, the name, I was inspired by all the japanese I've read! I decided to do a little pun… It uses the kanjis of heart and the kanji of build! Is not a word per say… I wanted to represent that we are building things from the hearth… But… the more I look at it, the more it seems like we're building hearts… WE ARE NOT!… I think…

That's all for this one…

For any aspiring translators I feel like the Insani blogs are a good read, these guys had an insane work ethic and even though I might not be at their level, I really like their thoughts:

For translators


For… Software Modifiers (reverse engineering stuff / I need to study that next!)